Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Its been a long time since I've blogged - but I need to address an important issue that I've been facing here at business school.

Summer internship recruitment has been an incredibly humbling experience.  After performing well academically for the past 6 months, the MBA has opened up doors that I wouldn't have thought possible.  I interviewed with almost every "top" firm/company in America.  Perhaps I'd be the long-shot that made it through.

But after all the interviews - I'm here unemployed.

As you can imagine I take these rejections very personally because these companies rejected the man and not the resume.  Always thought my strength was the former.  But even with a top school, top grades, and a top GMAT on my resume - I can't get an offer.

Which brings us to the important issue I want to address: Every part of business school is the hardest part until the next one.  GMAT, B-school applications, fall grades, networking & sip circles, resume drops and interviews.  I'm sure that whatever is next will be even tougher.

In any case I've been questioning if this whole process is worth it - I need to do some soul searching.


  1. It's worth it becuase you wouldn't even be in business school if this journey wasn't meant for you. Did you ask the companies for feedback after your interviews?

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