Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Not Easy - but it all pans out in the end...

Writing this one for anyone struggling through recruiting, and for anyone in the future who will struggle through it.  Want to say that the recruitment game works out in the end.

Before I went through the internship recruitment process - I found it hard to believe what people told me along the way: "Every step is tougher than the last".

But after weeks of doubt, I can finally say: I believe now.

Went through over 20 interviews, and more rejection than I'd like to remember - stayed the course for over 4 painful months, but I'm taking my dream job in San Francisco.

Here are a few tips I'd give January me:

  • Rejection sucks but make it count by learning at least one thing from each job you miss - whether its coming prepared with a joke, knowing your story better, or brushing up on technical knowledge
  • Don't second guess yourself - You can't convince employers how great you are unless you truly truly believe it
  • No one gets through alone - I wouldn't have made it without the support of Team Fuqua, and the friends/family back home.  Stay connected even though all you want to do is look for jobs 24/7


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