Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Its been a long time since I've blogged - but I need to address an important issue that I've been facing here at business school.

Summer internship recruitment has been an incredibly humbling experience.  After performing well academically for the past 6 months, the MBA has opened up doors that I wouldn't have thought possible.  I interviewed with almost every "top" firm/company in America.  Perhaps I'd be the long-shot that made it through.

But after all the interviews - I'm here unemployed.

As you can imagine I take these rejections very personally because these companies rejected the man and not the resume.  Always thought my strength was the former.  But even with a top school, top grades, and a top GMAT on my resume - I can't get an offer.

Which brings us to the important issue I want to address: Every part of business school is the hardest part until the next one.  GMAT, B-school applications, fall grades, networking & sip circles, resume drops and interviews.  I'm sure that whatever is next will be even tougher.

In any case I've been questioning if this whole process is worth it - I need to do some soul searching.