Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more... waitlist?

The Duke R3 results are out for some.  I'm still on the waitlist.  With re-application becoming more likely I've decided to work on my candidacy for next year - primarily by taking an online course to build an alternate transcript, and by pursuing a different/advanced position on my team.

Essay Snark has provided an awesome analysis on re-applicant strategy that I've been going over in my head since I've been waitlisted.

1. Look at your profile.
730 GMAT (48Q/42V)
73/100 Engineering GPA
4.5 Years of Work Experience

I've been a bit insecure about GPA since about second year of undergrad.  My game plan here is to take a course this summer to prove (partly to myself) that I can be a strong performer at shcool.

2. Look at your target schools.
This year I targeted mid to large sized top 15 programs (Fuqua, Stern, Haas, and Anderson) which resulted in 3 dings and a waitlist.  I was also admitted to a smaller top 20 program - a school that I recently declined.

3. Look at where in the process you were rejected.
In Round 1, I was rejected by Stern, Haas, and Anderson without interview. 

In Round 2, I re-wrote all of my essays, got better recommendations and was interviewed at both my schools - admitted & waitlisted.

After getting rejected at pretty much every point in the process (and also admitted at one program that turned out not to be for me), I learned that mis-steps can happen at any point in the process - so you need flawless execution all the way through.

Speaking of flawless execution - its about time I hit the books and go for that "A" in accounting!


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  3. @canadianchamp - thx for linking to our little blahg! Love your analysis here. This is great ammunition for our own insistence that everyone should apply in Rd 1 - you were able to take your lack of success there and assess and regroup, and you saw much better outcomes in Rd 2 - congrats on making it further! Congrats also on realizing that the school who admitted you wasn't right and declining their offer; that can be hard to do! It sounds like you were doing a lot more right than wrong in Rd 2 and possibly you just hit the "oversubscribed candidate pool" gotcha. You will likely have more luck in this coming Rd 1 -- and we're also still suspecting that maybe there's a flaw in the pitch. If you want to send over an essay or two for us to look at, we'd be happy to give them a once-over (we could post a full review on the blahg - anonymously of course - if you're up for it, or can just give some high-level comments privately via email).

    Anyway, it's great to see you're not giving up yet! Hoping for a happier outcome this year.